What is Property Management?

Have you ever wondered what a property manager really does? A professional property manager performs a wide variety of functions which require intense effort. These functions include but are not limited to determining the optimal market rent for your property, getting tenants and making sure your tenants pay their rent, and pay it on time.

If you are a lucky owner of a rental property or properties, you have undoubtedly experienced the administrative tasks involved in getting the above done. Having property management or property administration done, takes a lot of stress away from you as the property investment owner.

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Will The Rent Shop manage my rental property?

Yes, we carry out rental property management for properties in and around Auckland City and North Shore. So if you have a property in these areas and you find it hard to get tenants and achieve market rent, we can help by starting with a property appraisal.


What is a property appraisal?

Your The Rent Shop professional property manager and appraiser, goes to your rental property and gives an unbiased and professional opinion of the market rental value of your home. This is done by looking at a couple of factors; looking at recent rental rates of homes in the area, the size, number of bedrooms, the condition of the property, its features, landscaping, whether there are repairs needed etc.

Once a rental rate has been established, The Rent Shop will market the property for tenanting. Interest in a free rental appraisal? CLICK HERE


Where does my property get marketed?

Your property will be listed on our website, our social media platforms which are Facebook and Instagram as well as a super feature listing on TradeMe. Our aim is to protect your investment, so it’s always a good idea to list your property as soon as your previous tenant gives notice to minimise vacancy time.

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What kind of tenants will I be getting?

Your property is a massive investment, so we make sure the right people rent it. Our in-depth vetting process includes background and security audits, credit checks, and verifying landlord and employer references – to ensure we’re bringing on respectful, responsible, and reliable tenants.

What’s next? What will a rental property manager do for me?

Collect Payments – Now that we’ve found you the right tenants you need to see the returns. Our proven systems keep our property managers on the ball with collecting rent and avoiding overdue payments – no ifs, ands, or buts.

Manage Problems – We make your landlord experience hassle-free by dealing with the little things so you don’t have to: lost keys, blocked pipes, tenant conflict, and unpaid rent. We’ll keep you updated of any issues, and you can be sure we’ll tend to them promptly.

Manage Contractors – Maintenance is a big part of owning any property. We take care of all communications with tradies, contractors, suppliers, and vendors. Our trusted network of specialist contractors means we can find you the best person for the job at the best price.


Ensure Compliance & Protect Your Investment

Changes to The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act 2017 mean that the damages you can incur from DIY property rental far outweigh the costs of hiring a professional property manager. It’s our job to know legislation inside out and work in your best interests, so you don’t have to.


For how long will The Rent Shop manage my property?

Any property is an investment and it’s a long-term investment. We’ll walk alongside you for as long as it takes to see that your property grows in value and you see it reaching its full potential.

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